Steak and Potatoes

My reason for eating a blended diet is because I tried the prescribed canned formula, Jevity, Boost and Ensure, and knew I wanted more out of life. Because I am a food man and have a lot of experience, I just thought, “how can I do this and get the food we eat all the time to go in my system?” I can work an oven as good as anyone and I love cooking on the grill. That is the reason I chose this meal and it was the first meal I blended up, (although the first steak dinner was cooked on New Year’s Day and it was cold outside so I cooked indoors) but I got the same results.

Green beans
Steak on the grill
Red potatoes cooked on the grill

You just cook your meal as you and your family like it cooked. I use red potatoes because they blend up better than white potatoes or mashed potatoes which have more starch. You don’t have to peel the red potatoes, but you do the white potatoes.

The finished meal is on the plate. You can see the steak is cut up small for the blender because you can’t throw a big steak or bones in that blender.

The finished meal on the plate
You can see the amount of water I used in the blender.

I have gotten experienced to the point to where I put the cut-up food in the blender and then add the cold water in the blender until it covers the food and then we are ready.

I blend using the smoothie setting on my blender.  When it is running, the food/liquid level rises near the top of the canister.

Blender running
Blender finished
The finished meal ready to eat or store for later








When we blended this first meal, we were skeptical that it would break up the food pieces small enough to go through my PEG tube.  We even poured the blended meal through a strainer into a measuring cup.  Imagine our amazement when there was nothing left in the strainer!  Who would have thought you could blend up a steak to liquid consistency? And it even tasted like steak, potatoes and green beans.

You must refrigerate all blended foods. When I am ready to eat, I put my containers in the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

If you have any questions, please comment and we will be glad to answer you.

Going forward, I will show you so many different things that I have tried, that I think you will be surprised. I tell my friends I eat better than they do because I run my house like I ran my kitchen at work.




  1. Congrats! Glad to see your blog online. This is great information for those who would like a healthy alternative to products such as Ensure, etc. I wondered I’d you heated your meals and for how long. This is an education for everyone.


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