Truly Thankful

This post will be nothing but how my wife and I enjoyed Thanksgiving together.

First up is mincemeat pie. I have loved mincemeat pie ever since I was a little boy. I guess it is because I love apple pie, raisins, and French apple pie as well. When my mother introduced me to mince pie, I loved it because it had the best of all three pies in it. My wife and I started searching all the different grocery stores in the area for mince pies as far back as the last week of October. We kept looking until about a week ago.  Not finding any fresh pies or frozen pies, nor any pie filling on the store shelves, I became discouraged.  My wife went online and found that Smucker’s had two different kind of mince filling. My wife ordered both kinds for me. She told me that she could order individual jars or a case of 6.  I gave her the ok to order a case of both kinds because I knew I could blend up the pies and freeze them. When the mince came, I was so delighted, I lined up the jars and took a picture of them.

Behold, the glorious mince pie filling!

My wife made one pie each for me. She then took one slice out of each pie to taste them. That is why there is a piece missing.


Ready for a top crust


The pie thief strikes again!









I blended up each pie and got two large containers from each pie. I put one container of each flavor in the fridge and froze the other two. At night after dinner I will enjoy my pie

The blended pie…and it tastes good, too!

We solved the pie situation now what to do about dinner. For the last couple of years, we have been going to I hop and getting a Thanksgiving and Christmas meal for each of us. That worked fine until last year they stopped offering ham, just turkey. I am not a turkey fan. We had a real nice waitress and she got my turkey swapped out for ham. That was real nice. We had decided to go back to I hop again until we went out to eat with some friends at Cracker Barrel. My wife noticed a flyer on the table promoting their Thanksgiving dinner but it needed to be ordered in advance the day before you wanted to pick up the meal. My wife said she was going to put the order in on Tuesday so we could pick the dinner up on Wednesday. When she went to place the order, she was surprised to see it was for a party of 6 if ordered online, but to get the single meals, you had to come in starting at 11 a.m. on Thursday. We talked it over after reading what was included in the meal and decided to go ahead and order the meal for 6, then we could split them 3 each. My wife could portion out the meals and freeze hers and I could blend mine and then freeze them. Here is what was in that box for 6. Turkey, dressing, biscuits, ham, gravy, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and butter. That was a lot.


Lots of Thanksgiving goodies.


It was packaged up so nicely.









On Tuesday afternoon, my wife went picked collards from our planter, washed them and pulled the center stalk out of them, and then put them in a pan. I then covered the collards with salt water and covered the pan with foil. The next morning, I got up early, drained the salt water off the collards, rinsed them and placed them in a different pot and covered the collards with water. I added cracked pepper, onions, and chicken base. This way, the collards are flavorful without the grease that meat can cause. I promise you, taste just as good and are better for you because there is no grease in them. We put some everything on our plates and you can see what we each got.


I blended mine up and one plate gave me 2 containers for each plate so that made 6 containers for me. I only pump in one large container at dinner time along with pumping in 5 syringes of mince pie. I took the rest of the meals and froze them so at lunch time, I can rotate them in with my lunches I have already blended. At lunch time, I only eat half of one of those large containers as I plunge half a container of blended fruit and boost mixture. After seeing all that food on her plate my wife decided to split her plate into two meals so we each got 6 meals out of that box. I guess you can say we got 12 meals instead of 6.

Ready to blend


Even blended, my wife said she could taste each individual food item.









With the pies and the meals taken care of, I wanted to find a Claxton fruit cake. I guess I am the only one around who like them. We always had them as kids. I had given up on finding them until on Wednesday we had to go to Sam’s for some things and, low and behold, there they were, my favorite fruit cake. There were 3 in a box so I picked up one box. I cut the cake into slices and then broke them into pieces as I was filling the blender. One cake blended up yielded two containers each of fruit cake. I will freeze the rest of the cakes and they will go in the rotation of desert for after dinner at night.


The elusive fruitcake


Cut in slices









Blended and ready to eat

At 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, my daily snack time, I had 7 syringes of fruit cake and, man, was it good! Just like I remembered it back when I was a kid. I was on cloud nine!

Then at 7 p.m. that night, I plunged in my dinner and after the meal, came the pie. I found it so good, I didn’t know whether to cry or pee on myself. We have had a rough 4 to 5 years and for me to be where I am now, is some place I never in my wildest dreams would think I would be. I owe it all to my wife and my doctors and for the great support they gave me, besides the treatment and figuring out what was wrong with me. My wife has taken the lead and researched everything and her telling me what she has found and then our joint decisions have made the blending and eating like I use to. I had lost down to 114 pounds and now I am at 123. I went downhill over 4 years and I have no idea that I will be 160 pounds again, but eating with a feeding tube, the help of my doctors, and the support of my wife, has made life so much better for me and for my wife. That is why I am writing this blog with my wife. This meal is so much better than only living on boost, ensure or Jevity. I am lucky I have the means to get the blender and the experience in food to understand how to make all this work.

One last thing that I wanted to do was have some egg nog and some Wild Turkey, like the old days. I topped the day off with a just one night cap. I was tired from all the work but it was worth it. Just remember you can do anything if you have the right attitude and the support.

The end to a blessed day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Blind Blender Man


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  1. I just have to say you’re one amazing man, big brother. So happy to see you enjoying life and the things you enjoy. Kudos to you both on finding a way to make this work and be so successful! I remember those fruit cakes too.


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