Have a Cup o’ Joe

When I first got my tube, I stopped drinking coffee in the morning.  As someone who has had coffee every day for most of my life, this was quite a jolt.  When I mentioned how I missed coffee, my wife reminded me I could “drink” it through my tube just like every other liquid. I thought about it and I started using the old coffee pot that I had for years. I discovered that making a pot of coffee was too much because I can only drink a cup now because of my blood pressure. And I had another problem. I was getting grounds in my coffee. I stopped up my tube and that sent me in to a panic. With my wife’s help we got the tube unstuck. My wife suggested that I get a single cup coffee maker that uses the K cups. Well, being an old food-man and not wanting to change in my ways, I was against K cups because I knew the cost difference between the ground coffee and the K cups. My wife pointed out that I would save in the long run by not having so much waste and I would not run the risk of stopping up my tube.

One day when my wife was out, she bought a Keurig single cup coffee maker. I gave it a try and to my surprise, I loved it. I found out that the coffee was fresh and tasted good. I bought three different kinds of coffee. I line them up in a row one right after the other and have a different kind each day.

My new coffee set-up

One time when I had a medical test early in the morning, I couldn’t drink coffee at my regular time so when I got home I made coffee and then I proceeded to pump it in like water, instead of taking small amounts of coffee at a time, like when I would drink it. That wasn’t a good thing. Man, I got a buzz like no other one I have ever had. I learned to take a little at a time. I also let the coffee cool a little before I pump it in. Otherwise you will experience some discomfort in your stomach.

I had to remember to “sip” my coffee slowly.

When my wife got the new pot she also got a cup with filters you put inside the cup if you wanted to still use regular grounds. Those filters are hinged and you must buy them when you run out. If you don’t get the little hinged paper top on just right, then that will cause a problem. The top of the capsule you put the coffee in just snaps on top. I found with this reusable pod, I still had grounds in my coffee. I just gave that up until we bought a pod that has a hinged lid and built in filter. I put the coffee in it and put it in the pot just like the K cups. No grounds in the coffee. You do have to wash out the pod each time, but that is no big deal. I still found that I like the K cups better because the coffee is fresher, even though they are more expensive than ground coffee.

Pod with the filter (left) and the built-in filter pod (right).

A couple years ago, I bought some seasonal coffee from Harry and David’s. I bought a bag of egg nog coffee and a bag of apple pie coffee. I put them in the freezer and would only drink them on holidays. Well with the new pod, I filled it up the other day with apple pie coffee and man it was good. I did the same with the egg nog coffee and that was good, too. So, I mixed the two together and what a taste! So now I have five different kinds of coffee I can drink over the holidays, rotating each day with a different kind. After the holidays, back in the freezer the apple pie and the egg nog coffee will go unless I finish them. You can keep coffee in the freezer and refrigerator and it will stay good for a long time.

Happy Blending

Blind Blender Man


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  1. Injecting all of the coffee in the tube at once would be like doing shots at a bar but the extreme opposite rush effect. I had a similar experience when I ate a whole bag of chocolate covered expresso coffee beans. I Like your 2 mugs in the photo I am guessing you are a good old Georgia boy ! I hope your shared learnings benefit others who have a feeding tube .


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