Breakfast No-Nos

I love oatmeal and grits but not the way most people eat them. I add bacon or sausage or ham and season with salt, pepper and butter in oatmeal and heat it up. Well I tried doing this, I had mixed results. If I ate it right away and added enough water, then it went through my tube fine. I took the rest of the mixture and put it in the refrigerator overnight so I could enjoy it the next day. When I got it out the next morning, that stuff had set up stiff as a board. No matter how much water I put in to the mixture, I couldn’t get it liquid enough to go through my tube. I just gave up and decided not to try it again.

This is what happens when you leave the top off the blender…oatmeal explosion!

Grits are a different matter. It is a corn product and you would think you could get the grits thin enough to go through the tube, but no. Like oatmeal I put things in my grits like I did oatmeal. When I eat that stuff right when I cook them with the right amount of water, there is no problem. The problem is when you put them in the refrigerator. They set up worse than oatmeal. The become a gelatinous mess. I thought I added enough water to thin them, but when I started to pump them in my tube, it got stopped up. There are hidden pockets in the mixture that don’t dissolve good enough and will stop your tube up. I called my wife and, she and I working together, using the push-pull method, got the tube unstuck. You hear all sorts of suggestions that will help get your tube unstuck, but the push-pull method is the best way to go. Now I don’t even think about cooking grits any more for fear of my tube getting stopped up.

These are a couple of things I have found that I don’t eat or blend up, out of everything that I have tried and like to eat.

Happy blending

Blind Blender Man

A little editorial comment from the wife:  When Hubby got his tube stopped up with grits and called me to help, we were both a little freaked out about the situation.  All kinds of thoughts ran through my head.  What if we can’t unstop it?  Does this call for medical intervention?  Will we accidently pull the tube out?  Then I remembered what I read from another blogger with a feeding tube.  He said, “You will stop your tube up.  Don’t panic.  A little perseverance and the push-pull method will eventually clear it.”  So, I filled a syringe with water and tried to push it in.  The safety valve popped off and the water just ran out.  Then I pulled back on the syringe and it the tube started to flatted out about an inch from the syringe.  I pushed a little more.  Then pulled a little more.  Each time I pulled, the tube would flatten out a little farther from the suction.  Finally, when the tube had flattened out the entire length, suddenly, the obstruction moved and water started flowing from the tube.  You never saw two people so excited about removing one little granule of grits.  So WHEN, not IF, you stop up your tube, don’t panic.  Realize a lot of people have been in that situation before and lived to tell about it.



  1. Wow, what a mess. That looks like a situation when you don’t know whether to be ticked or laugh. I bet you laughed. I can imagine the stopped up tube was a tense situation. You two are quite the team. I know this post will help someone who finds themself in the same situation.


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