It’s the Most Important Meal of the Day

I want to talk about what I do for Breakfast. I am not an egg eater so I have to do other things other than eggs. I ate eggs when I was little but something happened and I get sick when I eat them now so I stay away from them.

I bought a bag of Jimmy Deans hash brown potatoes with onions and peppers in them. I cut the Canadian bacon up in small pieces added it to the pan and cooked them until they were done. When done, I added a little shredded cheese to give it some taste. I then freeze the containers and pull one out the day before and put it in the refrigerator to thaw and then I am all set. Keep in mind that the potatoes and the cheese will make this mixture a little thick so when you finish blending if you haven’t added enough water, you can add water when you fill your container with food stuffs. I always leave a little room in the container because when you freeze the containers, they will still thicken up. It will be too thick to go through your tube so what I have done is divide a container in two and add water. When I am ready to eat this mixture, I put it in the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds to heat the food then I stir the food with a spoon to make sure it doesn’t have lumps in the food that would stop your tube up. And before you heat up whatever you blend, always stir it up, heat, and then stir again.

French toast  and steak

Now this will show you how creative I get with some foods. I like French toast but not with sugar and all that other stuff on it so I wanted something more than just plain French toast. I put frozen strawberries, pineapple and grapes in the blender. Added 12 eggs, chocolate chips, brown sugar, and water. I blended all these things together and got a brown, tasty mixture. I poured the mixture in a pan. I used the thick Texas toast bread until I ran out and then I used raisin bread. Counting the heels, there were 18 pieces of Texas toast and I think I used 8 pieces of raisin bread. I broiled 6 large rib-eye steaks, with as much fat cut off as possible, and cut the steak into small pieces. Having the steak cut up I started dredging my bread. I would cook one pan at a time. I then put 8 pieces of bread and part of the steak in the blender with a lot of water and it came out real nice. I think I ran the blender 3 times and you see how much food blended I got. I added a lot of water so I thought I was ok but after freezing, the mixture and letting it thaw, it had thickened up so much, I had to split the containers because there was no way I was going to get that through my tube. Even after I cut the containers in two it still was thick enough that it didn’t lose any of its taste. I know it looks bad and sounds not so good but I am telling you, I love it and it tastes really good. Remember water, water. You don’t want to stop up your tube.

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Steak and Waffles

I broiled some New York strip steaks. I cut them up small and put them on a plate. One time when my wife and I were in Sam’s, we found these ready-made waffles with syrup and butter already on them. The package said heat and eat. So, we tried them. My wife loved them so I tried blending them.  I blended 10 of them. With the steak and the sweet coating on the waffles, that was a real tasty breakfast. I freeze them pull one out of the freezer place in the refrigerator the day before and then the next morning I heat for 1 minute and 30 seconds and plunge. Now when blending steaks, no bones of any kind in the blender. That will tear the blender up. One other thing I cut off as much fat and gristle as I can because sometimes the fat and gristle don’t blend well.

You will notice I am using a lot of protein and red meat. I have had my red count go down my hemoglobin and sodium count go down. I started taking iron and B 12 pills. Well my iron came up but the rest of my counts were still down so I have been eating a lot of protein and especially red meat. I also put a little soy sauce in my meals to bring up my sodium level and add baking soda to my morning meds and to my dinner after I heat it up so I can help bring up my sodium that way. I remember I put the baking soda in before I heated my dinner and man that blew the lid off the container so now I add the baking soda after I heat my dinner. I know better but sometimes you get away from thinking straight when you are hungry. Well my sodium and all my counts were up so I cut back on the soy and baking soda and now my counts went down again. So here I go again trying to get a happy medium on doing what I need to do to stay alive without raising my blood pressure too much.   If you have a similar circumstance, check with your doctor for a plan specific to your needs.  This works for me and my doctors approve but everyone’s body is different and what works for me may not work for you.

Happy blending.

Blind Blender man


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  1. John, I’m so proud of you and amazed how you’ve figured this all out. You and Pam sure do make a great team. You’re truly an inspiration to others and I believe are helping many who have found themselves in the same situation. So wonderful for you to share your experiences to give back and encourage others. You’re a good man. Keep Calm and Blend On…


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