BBQ Ribs, Sweet Potatoes, and Vegetables

Yum Yum

I chose this meal because who doesn’t like ribs. I cooked the ribs on the grill. Since it was a cold day and I could be out side for a little while, but when it is warm, I will cook the entire meal on the grill. After the ribs are done the way you like them you cut the meat off the bone. Remember, no bones in the blender.

I cube the sweet potatoes and cook them in a foil packet with Pam spray on the foil and top the sweet potatoes with cracked black pepper. I wrap them up, put them on a pan in the foil, for about half an hour. When they are done, I take a spoon and stir them a little. I will take just a touch of BBQ sauce in the spoon and stir the potatoes with it to give it a little taste. The sweet potatoes are soft and tender.

The vegetables are nice and tender.

Now I do add just a little bit more BBQ sauce to the blender just by putting a spoonful right in the blender. I can assure you that it tastes exactly like ribs.

Ready to blend
The finished meal

Happy blending

Blind Blender man



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