I’ve Gone Fruity

When I was younger, I would eat a lot of fruit. All kinds of fresh, canned, and frozen fruit. As I got older I would eat watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe melons. I loved strawberries and bananas. My mother would put fresh strawberries and bananas in red Jell-O and that was a great treat for us kids.

My wife brought home a cantaloupe one day and said if you want to have some for blending take half because I don’t know if I can eat enough of it before it goes bad. I cut up the honeydew and chunks added water and away I went. At the end of the blending I had some good juice. I got the idea of adding some Protein powder to the juice for an extra shot in the arm, so to say, and man, how good was that. I found that if I added the liquid protein instead of the powder then I wouldn’t have big globs of undissolved protein mix in my juice. My wife brought home a seedless watermelon and I did the same thing to it as I did with the cantaloupe. That was good as well. Now we don’t have fresh fruit go bad.


Yummy cantaloupe cut into chunks


The blended fruit and protein powder I add









Everyone loves fruit smoothies and we are no different. When I first started making the smoothies, I would pour them through a strainer because I was afraid the little strawberries seeds would stop up my tube. I found out that I had to thin the smoothie out because it was too thick to go through my tube. I decided to add a little more fruit and water and make it a fruit juice drink. That way I wouldn’t have to worry about the seeds and the thickness of the mixture after I blended it up. I set the Vitamix on the smoothie setting for all my blending as it seems to work better for me.

We buy frozen fruit from Sam’s and Target because they have bags of strawberries and bananas combined and the at the grocery store because they have peaches. My wife gets seedless grapes at Sam’s or the grocery store, washes them and then freezes them. They stay real nice in the freezer. What my wife found out is that when you add the grapes to the fruit mixture, it tastes better and sweeter. I also add protein mix or Boost to the fruit mixture. I’ve found that chocolate goes better with strawberries, pineapple, and blueberries. The vanilla goes better with peaches and the mango blend. They all taste good. I have 14 ounces of this mixture ever day at lunch with my lunch.

Happy Blending

Blind Blender man


One comment

  1. That sounds real good. I remember the fruit in Jello and thought of it as a treat too. I also remember pineapple chunks and carrots cut with a potato peeler in Orange Jello.


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