Breakfast Quesadillas

In trying to come up with some different breakfast foods I hit upon this. I got a big can of ready-made sausage gravy from Sam’s, poured it in a large pan, added several ounces of cheddar Jack cheese, some fresh ground pepper and four pounds of cooked, crumbled sausage. I mix everything in the pan thoroughly. I tear off sheets of foil, 15 at a time, and lay them on the counter. I place one flour tortilla shell on each piece of the foil and put a spoon full of the sausage-gravy-cheese mixture on it and spread it around. Wrap them up, place 10 of them in a freezer bag and place them in the freezer. When I could eat normally, cook one for us on Wednesday and Sunday mornings. Now that I can’t eat them that way, I cook one for my wife.

Now this is how I do prepare them for me. I place about 10 tortilla shells big sheet pan sprayed with cooking spray and put them in the oven on low broil. I let them get crispy and then turn them over. When they get done I let them cook enough to touch and pull them apart. They are much easier to pull apart when they are a little crispy. I put some of the sausage gravy mixture it in the blender with 10 shells at a time and blend a way. On this day, I ran the blender twice and you can see how much I got. Also, again this stuff is thick so make sure you add enough water to blend and a little more if it is too stiff after you blend. If you freeze them and they are too thick after they thaw, just add hot water and stir. Heat for 1 minute and 30 seconds in the microwave.

When we go tailgating I will take these with me all ready blended up and a few wrapped ones for people that wanted to try them. For those who can eat normally, I make quesadillas with crab meat, cheese, and egg. I wrap them the same way as I do the gravy ones. I also use ham, bacon, steak and sausage along with egg and cheese. The crab meat, egg and cheese ones are the favorites. I usually make 80 gravy ones at a time. The advantage of doing quesadillas this way is I can lay the foil packages on the grill top on low heat and heat them that way. I also have a flat griddle I take with me if someone wants them hard and crispy. I do spray the griddle down with a cooking spray so they won’t stick or burn. Also cooking them on low heat.

Happy blending

Blind blender man


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