Lunch Time

I call making things like chili, soup, beef stew, and baked beans cooking in bulk. I do things in bulk, except for dinner each day, so I only need to use the blender once a day. I use large pots like I use to use at my job. I also use the same name-brand products as well because I have learned when you use certain brands, it just gives things a certain taste that is appealing and makes people want more. An example of this, I have been told by a lot of people we had the best fountain Coke products and the best French Fries in the city or anywhere around, even including McDonalds. I would use good oil to fry in, use a good potato that cost a little more, and used Hunt’s Catsup. If my distributor ran out of Hunt’s and send a substitute, then I knew my sales would drop 25 to 50%. When that happened, I would go to the store and by Hunt’s and make the distributor pick up the substitute. As for the Coke products, I kept the proper Co2 level, and kept the machine bricked (tuned up) all the time. Those two items had that taste that screamed for more.

When I cook, and blend in bulk, it is a lot of work and takes time, but I can get several breakfast and lunches done for a while. I blend it up and freeze the container and when I want some, I pull out a container the day before, thaw it in the refrigerator and I am good to go. When it’s time to eat, I just have to heat for 1:30 seconds in the microwave and eat

Here are my recipes for my favorite lunch meals.

Vegetable soup

Everyone has their own version of vegetable soup. Here is how I make mine. I use canned vegetables and canned tomatoes you see in the pictures. I add beef base, water, onions, and I add the juice from the vegetable cans. I also add several of my cooked meatloaf patties to the pot. I use two pots so I can fix soup in bulk just like I did when I would make it at work.


Everyone makes chili their own way. Here is how I make mine. I soak dry red beans overnight in water in a covered container. I cook them the next day with some onions mixed in. Then I add ground beef, Hunts canned diced red tomatoes, Rotel tomatoes, chili powder, salsa, and Baja Chipotle sauce made by Lawry’s. Now my ground beef is not your typical ground beef. I take 5 pounds of ground beef and make a big meat loaf. I then pull off hunks and to make hamburger patties out of it. I try to make 4 ounce patties. I freeze them so when I want to have meatloaf or just a hamburger, I pull out one of my already made meatloaf burgers. Ground beef can be boring so I grill them on the grill to add extra flavor. I find that this gives chili, soup, and beef stew a great taste.

Bean Soup

My wife will make soup sometimes and when she does, she makes enough for me to have some to blend up for lunch. My wife doesn’t cook often since that’s my area of expertise.  But when she does, she makes quick and easy one-pot meals. Making this soup only requires opening several cans and putting all the ingredients in a crock pot or soup pot on the stove.   The ingredients are chopped onions, a package of taco seasoning mix, and one can of each of the following:  chicken broth, Rotel tomatoes, diced tomatoes, black beans, pinto beans, red beans, and kidney beans. Using canned beans makes for faster cooking.  She will also add some cut-up, cooked Fajita chicken pieces or a can of chicken.  You can swap out different beans if you have any particular favorites.  It’s a tasty soup, good for a quick lunch and to warm you up on a cold day.

Open about 7 cans and you have bean soup.

Beef Stew

To make my beef stew, I start with Dinty Moore canned beef stew.  But being the food engineer that I am, I can’t just leave it at that.  I need to “doctor it up” by adding canned vegetables and three cans of V8 juice and water as needed to my big soup pots.  I just let it heat thoroughly and stir every so often to keep it from burning on the bottom of the pot.  When it is done, I let it cool, then blend it up.  I get about 16 thirty-two ounce containers for freezing.  I usually eat half a container for lunch.


Happy Blending

Blind Blender man


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