Drink Up

In this post, I want to talk about some of the liquids I drink during the day.

First up is V8 juice.  I drink it because I need more salt in my diet. When you are on a “so to speak” liquid diet, you need to go to the bathroom a lot. I am getting rid of a lot of salt so I need to replace the salt often.

Next is Boost. I learned about 16 years ago when I was going through treatment for cancer. I drink chocolate and vanilla. I drink one each morning with V8 and breakfast. I alternate flavors each day. This gives me a little extra pep to my step in the morning. I also use a protein mix in powder form and liquid as well. At lunch, I will drink one of these to give me more protein in the afternoon as to keep me going until snack time or dinner.

V8 Juice and protein

I drink Coke occasionally, when I feel like I need it. I have used Coke products all my working career because I like it better and the fact my brother has been working for Coke for several years. I did have Coke and Pepsi vending machines at my work and some Coke products sold better than Pepsi and some Pepsi products sold better than Coke. I grew up on Cherry Coke floats and root beer floats as well. I had a soft ice cream machine at work and I would add Coke to the soft ice cream and drink it down. When I wanted a root beer float, I would go out to the Pepsi machine and get a root beer and then add the ice cream.

Have a Coke

I drink a lot of water each day. I have a sippy cup I drink out of when I am at home and in the car.  The reason I use a sippy cup is because I am not supposed to drink anything by mouth but I do need to keep my mouth moist so I have that sippy cup because it has 3 little holes in the top of it to regulate how much water I take in. So far, I haven’t had any problems. I do use tap water when I am at home but when we are on the go, I take a bottle of with me.

My sippy cup

Happy plunging beverages

Blind Blender Man



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