Crab Cake, Dirty Rice and Lima Beans


I chose this meal because it is seafood and who doesn’t like crab.

These crab cakes I got from Sam’s and they are the kind you broil on low broil in your oven. I have cooked them on the grill as well.

The rice in this meal is a Zatarain’s product called Dirty Rice. My wife and I like their products and buy one or two of every kind when we go to the store. I also cook brown rice for us and jazz it up with whatever I have. Now this rice is spicy so to combat the dirty rice and the cocktail sauce I add to my crab cake, I chose lima beans because it cuts down on the heat of the meal.

You can see I made sure that there was the right amount of water in the blender because of the starch in the food.

Ready to blend

And it tastes just like crab cakes I use to eat by mouth. You also can blend the fried crab cakes as well.

This is a soft meal so after smashing up the crab cake, I put it in the blender with a little cocktail sauce, and then add the rest of the meal.

The finished meal

Happy blending

Blind blender man


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