Chicken Apple Sausage, Pasta and Broccoli


I chose this meal because you can blend up any kind of hot dog or sausage. You just cook whatever you desire the way you would normally cook it, even on the grill, then you must cut it up in to small pieces like I have done because it is harder on the blender is you leave them in large pieces.

My wife and I use wheat pasta because it is better for you, tastes good, and doesn’t have as much starch as white pasta. When you eat wheat pasta, you don’t feel stuffed. I cooked the pasta, put marinara sauce on it, and then covered it with fresh shredded Parmesan cheese. You can put the pasta in the blender the way it is on the plate.

The broccoli, when cooked, may fall apart but I like to break it up further to ensure everything gets good and blended.

All cut up and ready to blend

The color of this meal may be green when it is finished, but that is ok. It tastes good and takes on the color of the vegetable.

Green is good

Rule of thumb on blending, put the softest food you cook in the blender first, then the next softest, and finish with the hardest on top, which usually is your meat.

Happy blending

Blind Blender Man



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