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The last few posts I have shown you how I blend up different combinations of meats such as pork, chicken, beef, and seafood. I also have shown how different starches blend up in these meals. I know you think it is all the same, but it is different as I found out. You must take in consideration the meat, the starch, and then use different water levels so that it blends all different. I have chosen one meal from the different meals I have blended to show what it is like and how it is done.


 Now I want to go in a different direction. After a few months, my wife said would it be nice if someone made dehydrated meals and all you had to do was add water to rehydrate them, which would be more convenient and make it easy for me to be more mobile. At about that time, I saw on the nightly news that one of the colleges in Texas was working on different meals, dehydrating them for the space program. I told my wife what I saw and then set went to work.


My wife found a dehydrator online and asked me what I thought and did I want to try it. If it didn’t work, all we would be out is sixty dollars. My response was, “Let’s go for it.” We ordered the dehydrator and four trays to start. We began dehydrating different foods right after Thanksgiving and wanted to see how long they would last. We were surprised at what we learned. The food has been good for up to six months as I am still rehydrating food from Thanksgiving. The one thing we didn’t get down was after the food was dehydrated we couldn’t get it ground up well enough to fully dissolve when we rehydrated the food.


My wife went back online and found that Vitamix had a dry goods canister that was used for breaking down all dry goods into the same consistency as flour. We ordered the canister. We took the food we had already dehydrated that we couldn’t get ground up fine enough and ran it back through the new dry goods canister. It ground up the dehydrated food stuffs like flour. Now we felt good about what we were doing and we were ready to blend up new dehydrated food.

I started putting together meals and started blending them and dehydrating them. It was work, but worth it. We found out that it takes eight hours at 160 degrees to dehydrate just about everything. Using only four trays took a long time to do the job. My wife said we could dehydrate up to 12 trays at a time. We decided on getting four more trays. I could now dehydrate eight trays at once.


The reason that I wanted to try dehydrating is to make it easier for my wife and myself to travel, especially if we must fly. Now will I be allowed to carry the powdered food in my carry-on by TSA? If so, that will make all the difference in the world in my quality of life. If not, then that will severely limit where I can travel. What I am doing is no different than what a mother does when she uses powdered formula for her baby.


I have explained why I am writing this post, now to show you and explain what is going on.


When you go out to eat with other people, it is as much about socialization as about eating. I think it is important to keep this in our lives as we are social people and need to have our friends. When I go out with our friends, I take something I’ve blended to pump in. I explain my situation to the wait staff and ask if it is a problem. They generally are amazed that I can do such a thing and are quite agreeable. I pump in my food stuffs when everyone else gets their food. So far, no one has had a problem with what I am doing no matter where we have been. I always get a to-go order at the end of our meal and take it home and to blend up.

Before I got my feeding tube, my wife and I have enjoyed various fast foods and one of them is Subway. Now because this is a lot of work I got two foot-long BMTs and two bags of Sun Chips to dehydrate. I didn’t get a Coke from the store as I had so much stuff to blend up and dehydrate that it took me two days to do it all. By that time, the Coke would be flat. I enjoyed one I already had at home.

In this picture, you see the subs in their natural state along with the chips.
I tore each sub into smaller pieces and crumbled up the chips on top.
I placed one sub/chips at a time in the blender and added water.

Now this is where it gets tricky. You must blend this food stuff up thick enough to be able to spread on lightly greased trays, but not too thin that it runs off. I’ve learned that the right thickness for dehydrating is about double the thickness I would use for pumping straight in my tube. I put the mixture in a container in the refrigerator overnight so it would set up.

The next morning, I spread the mixture on the trays and started the dehydrator.
After eight hours, the dehydrated food looks a little like a dry lake bed.
I break the food up into chip-like pieces and place them in the dry goods canister.
I start the blender on the slowest speed and run it until the sound of the food inside the canister changes.
Then I increase the speed, watching carefully until the food reaches a powdered state.

After a few minutes, you can see what the subs and chips look like now. I repeat this procedure until all the trays of dehydrated food has been processed. I store the powder in a ZipLock bag.

As it turned out, I dehydrated 16 trays of my sub and chip combo.

This bag contains both foot-long subs and two bags of chips. There is a bag of instant potatoes alongside the subs used as a thickener. I found by adding instant potatoes to the mixture it made it a little thicker, but didn’t harm the quality or the taste of the food.

Now I am ready for the rehydrating. I use my K cup machine at home as practice because the hotels my wife and I stay in always have a coffee pot in the rooms. Hotels don’t heat their hot water as hot as we do in our homes, so with the use of the coffee pot, I know I can get the right temperature of water to dissolve the powdered food.

Here the water is hitting the powder in the bowl and immediately rehydrating the subs.

After the heated water has run through the coffee pot, I use a small whisk to make sure the mixture has dissolved. I add two spoons of instant potatoes to the five spoons of subs and add a little tap water to get more liquid. I whisk until everything is dissolved.

I set my tray up and I’m ready to pump.
Enjoying my BMT and chips!
Now for a refreshing Coke.
The empty bowl has just a few specks of rehydrated food in the bottom. To me, these are just crumbs.
Two foot-long subs and two bags of chips…all in one little bag!

With all the radiation treatments I had 17 years ago, food never tasted the same, no matter what I did. Now by either pumping in blended food or pumping in dehydrated food, it tastes as good as it used to taste before I had the radiation so I don’t mind the extra work it takes to prepare my meals. I have tried to show that no matter what food stuffs you eat, no matter how you have to eat it, you can make it satisfying as I did. You  don’t really know how important doing this sort of thing will make a change in my life for the better. Now I don’t feel like a fifth wheel and I feel like I fit in again.

Thanks for reading this post as this one will be the longest and most important post I have written.

Happy blending and dehydrating and rehydrating.

Blind Blender Man




  1. Thanks for your nice comment. You know when you have to make changes in your life as things happen to you as you get older you just find a way to get things done and then improve on them. Pam and I are a good team figuring out things and then putting them in to practice. I doubt that I would have a clue if I wasn’t in food service as my job. We have more to come and we have different things that I think will surprise people down the road. If Pam and I can help 1 person by doing our post then it has all been worth the work we have put in to it. I realize what I do isn’t for everyone but it sure is working for me. Thanks for reading and commenting that is real nice of you.


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