Homemade Pizza

I chose this because, who doesn’t like pizza. Once again I make my own Pizzas by buying ready-made shells at the store. I use all different kind of sauces, vegetables, and meats. I make 10 at a time and then freeze them. I cook pizza for dinner every Sunday night. When I freeze them, I make sure to shuffle them so we don’t have the same pizzas together. I don’t label them as I like getting a surprise each Sunday.

Cut up pizza in the blender

This meal is very easy.  Just make sure you add the proper amount of water cut up into small pieces and blend.

Pizza shake!

I have also brought home a takeout pizza that was a stuffed 18-inch monster. I had 6 containers of food when done.

I also cook pizzas when we tailgate and that gets a big crowd. I cook different pizzas for the game. These pizzas are quite different than the ones I make for my wife and me because she prefers certain things on her pizzas.

I also make dessert pizzas; apple pie, blueberry, and s’mores. If you’re interested, I will gladly tell you how I make them.

Happy Blending

Blind Blender Man



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