A Sweet Treat

Who doesn’t like candy bars? I never ate candy that much all in my life. But ever since I went through cancer treatment, now I can’t get enough of chocolate. Last year we had some candy left over after Halloween and I told my wife, “I wonder if I can blend candy?” She suggested we try it. My wife broke up the candy and I started blending. The results were so good that this year for Halloween I decided to buy three different types of candy bars and to give out. You see for years we have been giving out full size candy bars. I decided to take five of each different candy bar and blend them up together. I had to run the blender twice. What I found out was that Butterfingers are harder to break up and they require more water to blend. It is a hard candy compared to the other two kinds. I decided to give out the butterfingers for Halloween. I still have three left so I am going to blend them up separate from the other two kinds. One other thing, only blend up one kind at a time and no more than five to six bars at a time because, if you aren’t careful, they can spoil, even if they are in the refrigerator. Always freeze or refrigerate all food stuffs and be sure to thaw frozen containers in the refrigerator.  I did freeze the candy and when I thawed them out they turned out great. I heat the container no more than 30 seconds. Any longer than that and the candy will get real thick.

Oreo Cookies

Last year we had some Christmas cookies left over so I blended them and had such good success I decided to get some Oreos. The box has 12 packages in it so I blended up 5 packages. You can see how I broke them up and how much I got. They taste just as good as they did when I ate them by mouth.  I freeze them and when I want some, I pull out a container. I only heat them for 30 seconds as they are chocolate.

Christmas Cookies

Remembering how good the Christmas cookies were last year when I blended the left overs I told my wife I wanted to get some more this year and here is what they looked like. There are 2 layers of cookies in this tin so I broke up one layer at a time and blended them up. I froze them so when I want some cookies, I will pull out a container. The cookies are very rich so they will stick with you for a while. I think you can blend any kind of Christmas cookie. I have a tin of butter cookies that I will blend over the holidays. I only heat them for 30 seconds as they are chocolate.



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