Waffle House

In my Subway post, I explained why and how my wife and I started dehydrating food so there is no need for me to go into all of that. I am going to show in this post another carry-out food that dehydrated very well.

I was told to go to the Waffle House and get two different meals. One was smothered hash browns and the other was chicken and waffles.

The first thing I am going to talk about is the hash browns. These are hash browns, cooked on top of the grill with ham onions, and cheese. They looked good cooking and smelled even better. I blended this up in the wet blender but I added very little water so I could get the consistency for dehydrating. I only got one container for dehydrating out of this meal. Had I known I was only going to get one container I would have gotten two orders of hash browns.

I then let the mixture sit overnight in the refrigerator and the next morning, I started the dehydrating process. After 8 hours at 160 degrees, I blended the dried food using the dry goods container. After I got the blended product to the same consistency as flour, I placed the hash browns in a bag and waited till the next day to rehydrate them. I started the hash brown rehydrating and you can see what it looks like. I pumped in the hash browns and finished them all. What you see in the bottom of the bowl amounts to crumbs as you know it.

In conclusion. I enjoyed this meal a lot. It had hardly any grease and blended up very well. I figure I will get three breakfast servings out of this meal.


I was also told to get the waffles and chicken. When I saw that you got only one piece of chicken and one waffle, I decided to get two orders to make it worth my while to dehydrate. I found out I could add an extra waffle to each order for $1.75 so I did.

I was told that chicken and waffles are not a popular item here like in the south. I watched the cook pour the batter on the waffle iron and then she took a boneless, skinless chicken breast and bread it and then put some oil on the grill and start to cook it. It sure smelled good. I took it home and proceeded to prepare it for wet blending. After I had finished blending the chicken and waffles I got three containers. I placed the mixture in the refrigerator overnight for it to set up. I got up early and spread the mixture on eight trays and put them on the dehydrator. After eight hours at 160 degrees the dehydrated chicken and waffles looked just like chips. I broke up the mixture and blended it in the dry canister till it was like flour. I placed the mixture in a bag for breakfast the next morning. I started the rehydrating for breakfast and then I added a little hotter water and some instant potatoes to the rehydrated chicken and waffles to make it thick. I pumped it in and after I finished, it was all gone except a few little crumbs.  I did get three containers of liquid mix so I had to do a second day of dehydrating the chicken and waffles. I got five trays the second day along with the eight trays the day before, so I got a total of 13 trays of dehydrated food.


My take on this. Once again there was very little grease because you could tell by the way the mixture dehydrated and how it rehydrated. I must tell you that every time I dehydrate something, my wife likes to taste the chips. I get her to tell me what she can taste. She will be describing all the foods that I put in the wet blender. Like the Subway sandwich and chips, she could taste the mustard and the mayo as well as the spinach, tomatoes, onions and everything else. The people at the Waffle House gave me syrup and soft butter to go with my order. Now I had to add more butter and syrup to the wet mix. When my wife went to taste the chicken and waffle chips she could taste the waffles, the chicken, the syrup and the butter. My wife did pull a little waffle off and taste it before I blended it up in the wet blender. She said it was good. Now if my wife can distinguish the taste of all the different things that I am dehydrating, that is a good sign for me. I would buy this again. I have no idea how many breakfast meals I will get out of this bag. I am keeping a running count and I am up to three. I have learned that if I add five heaping plastic spoons of whatever I am rehydrating, that is enough for a good meal for me. I now don’t have to use the instant potatoes to make the mixture thick so I am learning as I go.

Happy Blending

Blind Blender Man



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