My wife and I like to get take-out food on occasion. We chose Chick-fil-A because of a family connection and the quality and taste of the food.  But I had a special plan for this meal. I ordered two chicken sandwiches and waffle fries.

I broke mine up into two separate sandwiches. I blended one sandwich and waffle fries at a time to see how much mix I would get. I got one container per sandwich and waffle fries. My plan for this meal was to dehydrate it. I placed the liquid mixture in the refrigerator overnight so it could thicken up. The next morning, I spread the mixture on eight trays lightly sprayed with cooking spray. Then off the trays went to the dehydrator. After eight hours at 160 degrees, the chicken and waffles fries were dried and looked like chips. My wife had to taste it of course and give her approval. I blended all eight trays up in the dry canister until it was like flour placed the mixture in a bag for lunch the next day. When lunch time came, I rehydrated of the mixture and then pumped it in. There was nothing at the bottom of my bowl except a few crumbs as you all would call them.


This meal tasted very good and I would do it again.

Happy blending

Blind Blender Man


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  1. Hi John,

    I really admire your spirit! Do you manage a balanced diet or do you need supplements? Joe is on Jevity 1.5 and he does not like it.



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