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My wife suggested last winter that we go to the beach so I said I am for that. We have some friends that own a house down at Nags Head. We rented it for the last week of July. The Outer Banks are only about 70 miles from our house which makes it very convenient for a get-away that’s not so far away.

Our home away from home

In this post, I am going to show you three different ways I enjoyed eating on this trip, giving me the satisfaction of being just like everyone else, and it makes my wife happy because she doesn’t feel like she’s is eating in front of me while I can’t. I have learned, when you drive you have more flexibility with regards to food than flying. We haven’t flown yet, but that is coming. By doing all three different methods of eating, I got to the point where I felt comfortable posting pictures. I am going to show some vacation pictures as well as food pictures.


Whenever you go out to eat you encounter tables that are too high to put your feeding tube on and besides I don’t want to put my tube on a table without anything under it. The first couple of pictures will show how I navigate this problem. I knew the height of the table in the house from a previous visit and when I am out with our friends, so I knew what to do. Because there was no one else with us on vacation, I decided to take my own table set up I use every day. I found a folding chair at our local hardware store that is taller than most. My wife said some time ago that she saw a table at Bed Bath and Beyond that folds up and will adjust to any height and it would be good for what I do. We ended up buying a couple of these tables.

Here is what the table chair my food set up looks with a picture laying on a tray in perfect possession for pumping. Now I do sit at the island in our kitchen for breakfast because it is like the table, the perfect height.

The first meal prep is breakfast. I took the right amount containers of breakfast food with me that I had already prepared and was in the freezer so this was very easy to pack.

The next meals were lunch. I told my wife I was going to rehydrate my lunch for the beach. The good thing about this is it is easy to do, easy to store, and makes for a worrisome free lunch. What I mean is when you put food in a cooler to keep cold, that food tends to lump up and could cause a tube blockage. Food that is properly dehydrated will dissolve and rehydrate well, there is no worry about lumps when kept in a cooler, and is just as good as the prepared containers I had for breakfast. You don’t have to worry about heating the container to melt the lumps. I am only showing you two meals I rehydrated for lunch. I have many more posts on different foods that I have dehydrated, but take it from me, I rehydrated lunch every day we went to the beach.


Rehydrating my lunch


Here’s how I set up the cooler for me as well as my wife. After I rehydrated and packed my lunch, my wife fixed her sandwich which we put on top of my containers. I also had blended up fruit with some protein in it to have at lunch each day, just like I do at home. This way, I can keep my schedule just like I do at home and on the road. You will see the things I put in the cooler and then the way I packed our lunch and how we keep it cold.

When it is lunch time, I get everything set up. I saw a side table that folds up when we were out shopping so I decided to buy it, knowing I could use it for what I needed and my wife doesn’t like to set her drink down in the sand. I just pumped in my lunch on the beach while my wife ate her sandwich. I also brought the dehydrated bag along with me to help stage the picture.

I forgot to bring the bag the second day, but trust me, it is what I showed you in the morning. I only took two pictures of lunch on the beach because the food I rehydrated is already on an earlier post and it all looks the same after a while, just a different lunch.

I decided to allow myself a couple of day time treats. I would take a beer every day and pump it in because I used to drink beer on the beach. I wanted to do this to make it feel like the good old days.  One day I took a margarita to the beach with me and man it was good. I took pictures of me pumping in these two treats to show anything is possible.

By trying to do the same feeding on vacation as I do at home I had no problem with how I functioned. I took some pictures of the beach and I also got a picture of a ship out in the ocean. I felt like I was in heaven and just like I use to feel. Doing things like this make you feel good mentally and gives you the confidence that you can do anything.

What to do for dinner? Well my wife said. “Why don’t you fix us three meals before we go to the beach and when we get there, we can get a couple of take-out meals. Since restaurant portions are large enough, we can get two meals out of each place we go.” I cooked three different meals, blended mine and packed up my wife’s before we went. For our first take-out meal, we went to a local pizza place. We each got a pizza with what we like the most on it. We had pizza for two nights.

That left us with two more nights. We went to a restaurant our friends had taken us to for the shrimp special. It had 20 fried shrimp and two sides. Now here is the thing you need to know, whenever you get shrimp, pull the tails off no matter if they are fried or not. You can see I got enough for 2 meals. These foods blended up nicely.

You will notice that the blender I am using is taller and has a red base and is nothing like my blender at home. Last September, my wife noticed that Vitamix had a sale on blenders. We bought this one because our intention was if we fly somewhere and we are gone for a while we could mail the blender to where we were going and then mail it back home. Well we then got into dehydrating so we decided we would leave the professional blender home and take this one on the road. It is just as powerful and but only has three programmed settings on it and the other one has eight. This blender works just fine for what my wife and I need.

Now you have seen prepared containers of food for breakfast, rehydrated food for lunch and the blender blending up dinner you get out. We would get takeout orders so I could bring it back home and blend and eat when my wife ate. This works out good when you drive and can take what you want based on your activities. I counted the number of containers of food I would need if I had to take all prepared food. I think it was something like 35, but with what I did, I only needed to take only 22. I know I could have gotten by with no prepared containers as I have done twice before, which will be in an upcoming post.

Now what is a vacation without some treats?  For a long time, I have been missing ice cream. I just thought that I couldn’t blend it up. There is a great ice cream place near the house so we went up there. I told my wife I wanted a banana split so I got one and blended it up. Notice the banana split and what it looks like. I finished the entire container.  It was so good that we decided to go back the second night. I got 3 scoops of ice-cream. When I blended it up, I noticed that it had a lot of foam but further examination proved it was the fat in the ice cream. I was disappointed in the ice cream, but not the split. Well my wife asked me if I wanted to go back on the third night and I said yes, I want another banana split. Well the first split I got was made by the guys but the second split I got was made by the ladies. There were three of them fighting to make the split, bragging who made the best split. You can see how the second split looks compared to the first. They were both good but I thought the second one had the best taste.

On one day it was real windy and no umbrella would stand up to the wind. There is no way my wife and I can take sitting in the full sun like we did when we were young. Now every time we go to the dermatologist, we have to have things cut and frozen off.  We went to Manteo, which is not far away. We had seen the Lost Colony several years ago so we just walked through town, on the water front, and took pictures of things we saw. Oh yes, we did go through the shops as well and my wife found some interesting things.  I wish I had thought to pack a lunch then we would have stopped at one of the many eateries and my wife could have gotten something while I pumped in my meal.

I have shown you pictures of what my wife and I did on this vacation. We went on vacation a year ago and I couldn’t do any of this except sit on the beach. I will have a post about that trip coming out next.  Now things are different. I have one picture to show you of me listening to the radio and music. There was a station out of Wanchese called 103 East Carolina fan station. The one I was listing to when my wife took this picture was out of Cape May, NJ. North Shore radio 106.3 playing “Classical Rock.” Good station. I enjoyed it, but what is more amazing is that I was sitting on the shore of the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

Now you can see how driving vacations makes it easier on you do have things your own way. Over all we had a great time and will do it agaIMG_4956.JPGin next year, as some things never get old. I hope all of you have a nice vacation.

Happy Blending

Blind Blender man



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